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Dear friends, 

"Social sector is a vast field of work where it is important to continuously learn and enhance skills in order to lead with efficacy. There are different aspects of theory and fieldwork which need additional learning and practice to imbibe in your day-to-day functioning while leading towards growth. ISEWA is an institute aimed at serving this need and developing social leaders.

Leadership in a social ecosystem is an attitude rather than a position. It always aims for the growth of society at large, identifies challenges, provides solutions and inspires people to act and achieve desired impact. 

The programs at ISEWA are designed to cater to the needs of different individuals already working/studying in the social sector or who want to be associated with social work, including volunteers and entrepreneurs.

ISEWA’s logo using the colors of blue, and green, marks service and growth in individuals and the society at large. The Banyan tree or Akshay Vruksh in the center signifies self-sustenance and all-round development, just like how the tree expands vertically as well as horizontally with deep and stable roots, giving various benefits to anyone associated with it. We want to develop leaders who take the society in a direction of stable growth, developing more leaders on the way, thus leading to a sustainable model of growth and development."